Our services

Lighting Repairs

We know your brand's image or your home lighting is everything. Our Lighting & Maintenance department was built to keep every brand-defining detail up and running, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Electrical Installations

Designing and Installing electrical systems in all types of commercial, residential, and industrial projects, while carrying out maintenance and repairs safely and efficiently,

Wiring Inspection

Your electricity runs behind the scenes, inside the walls of your home, allowing you a great variety of modern creature comforts. However according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S. In addition, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identifies small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper home wring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions. These safety hazards can be easily addressed and prevented with an electrical home inspection..

Outlet Replacement

Receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices. electric outlet, electric receptacle, wall plug, wall socket, outlet.

Emergency Services

Whether a home loses some or all power, the sudden loss of light, entertainment devices, or air conditioning sends many people into a tailspin. Call All Amps Electric LLC, we are here for you.

General Maintenance

Test equipment and replace circuit breakers and switches. Sometimes they must repair wiring by splicing or by bending and cutting conduit, a type of metal tubing that protects the wire.

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